About ReLeaf

Please note: Our 2021 Spring ReLeaf event has ended. We sold out of nearly 1000 trees in a record 6 DAYS! Keep an eye on this page for announcements about our next Fall ReLeaf in September!

Our next ReLeaf event is planned for September! If you’d like to receive updates about ReLeaf and our other events, please sign up for our mailing list.

What's ReLeaf?

Every year, Trees Winnipeg offers a spring and fall ReLeaf Tree Planting Program available to private property owners (commercial, residential, etc.) in Winnipeg.

For $60.00 per package, you can order online from our diverse selection of high-quality trees. Each package includes your tree(s), mulch, tree guards, and proper tree planting information to help you give your new tree its best start!

Why Should We Plant More Trees?

Winnipeg’s urban canopy is under threat by Dutch elm disease (DED) and emerald ash borer (EAB), as well as climate change. Winnipeg is at risk of losing approximately two-thirds of its urban canopy and is currently losing thousands of trees annually. Such losses can be attributed to a monoculture planting of the past.

Why is Diversity of Tree Species Important?

Planting a diversity of trees on your own property is a great way to help preserve our iconic green urban canopy, as well as providing the climatic, environmental, economic, and social benefits associated with trees. Tree diversity is most important to a healthy urban forest environment in the future and is an insurance to the unpredictable forces of climate change.

ReLeaf Tree Care

It’s important to understand that young trees may not live their full lifespan if they don’t receive proper planting and care early on. Our Tree Planting 101 video provides you with the information required to give your ReLeaf trees their best start. If you have a question after watching our video, send it to our Ask An Arborist service so one of the professional Arborists on our board of directors can be consulted. We’ll email you an answer in two weeks or less.

Trees Winnipeg is a partner of the Million Tree Challenge. Let ReLeaf be your gateway to greening our city. All trees planted through ReLeaf must be planted in Winnipeg and will automatically be counted towards the Million Tree Challenge. The Winnipeg ReLeaf Program is a collaborative project between Trees Winnipeg, the City of Winnipeg and Tree Canada

ReLeaf Tree Packages

Fall tree packages will be announced later this summer.

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If you missed out on ordering your trees this spring, keep an eye out for our Fall ReLeaf announcement. Click here to sign up for our mailing list to get updates on ReLeaf and other events.

How Can I Order a ReLeaf Tree Package?

Once we’ve announced that our next ReLeaf Program is live and online, you can choose your favorite tree collection(s) and follow our order instructions. ReLeaf participants are given a specific day to pick up their trees. Participants are welcome to purchase multiple tree collections — just ensure you have enough space! There are limited quantities of each tree collection and every year they do sell out, so we encourage you to order early.

If you have any questions, or have trouble with ordering, please email or call the office at: office@treeswinnipeg.org or 204-832-7188.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trees are in a “tree package”?

Each package will come with one to two trees (depending on package selected), a bag of mulch, and a tree guard.

I only want [x] type of tree, not the other tree in the package. Can I substitute one tree for another within a 2-tree package?

Unfortunately, we cannot substitute certain trees in the packages for others. The mixture of trees is part of the ReLeaf initiative to promote tree diversity in Winnipeg. The single tree packages are included because they have special characteristics that address other canopy issues (e.g. DED-resistance, edible fruits).

Can I plant these trees outside the city?

ReLeaf was made possible due to the support of the City of Winnipeg, Tree Canada and the Million Tree Challenge Campaign. All trees MUST be planted in Winnipeg to be counted towards the Million Tree Challenge. Please indicate on your order form if you plan to plant these trees outside of the city and do not check the box for the ReLeaf survey.

What size are the ReLeaf trees?

Every year, our ReLeaf trees vary in size depending on the species we’ve ordered and growing conditions. Refer to the details on each package for approximate size.  

What if I miss the tree pick-up date?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold trees past the designated pick-up date. If trees are not collected, they will be donated on your behalf to a charitable tree planting event in Winnipeg. Refunds are not provided.

How do I transport my ReLeaf trees?

These trees are easy to transport, and most tree orders fit in a regular-sized car. If you have any concerns about transporting your trees, please feel free to call our office in advance at (204) 832-7188. Trees can sometimes be a bit messy, especially if they’ve been recently watered, so we recommend covering your car seat or trunk with a tarp or blanket.

Please note that we do not recommend you pick up your tree via bicycle; ReLeaf trees can be as tall as 5 ft so a vehicle is strongly recommended!

Can I plant these trees on the boulevard? 

Due to their size, ReLeaf trees are not suitable for city boulevards as they can be easily damaged by vandalism or snow-clearing equipment. For this reason, the City of Winnipeg has very specific requirements when selecting trees for boulevards. If you would like to have a tree planted on your boulevard, contact 311 or arrange to pay for the tree planting yourself through the City’s homeowner agreement.