Tree Resources

We are proud to offer both of our booklets for free.

To request a free physical copy of our booklets or to inquire about other tree-related resources, contact us.


A Guidebook on Invasive Pests and Winnipeg Trees: Detection, Prevention, and Preparedness (2019)

A Guidebook on Invasive Pests and Winnipeg Trees: Detection, Prevention and Preparedness will help you identify, prevent, and prepare for invasive tree pests.

This text contains information about the invasive tree pests currently threatening Winnipeg’s urban forest, including Emerald Ash Borer, Cottony Ash Psyllid, and Dutch elm disease.

You can access an electronic copy of the guidebook.

cover of Guidebook

Winnipeg Forest Watch Handbook (2012)

The Winnipeg Forest Watch Handbook is a basic tree guide for homeowners.

This text has information on tree identification, planting, pruning, and includes photos of the most common tree pests and other problems in Winnipeg.

You can access the electronic copy of the handbook.

cover of Winnipeg Forest Watch handbook

Other Resources

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