Trees Winnipeg is a non-profit charity dedicated to promoting the benefits of and concerns about trees in Winnipeg's urban areas, focusing on tree diversity and care.

The organization began as a coalition of citizens in neighbourhood groups that had already dedicated themselves to preserving trees. We were founded in 1992 in response to the still-ongoing threat of Dutch elm disease that has resulted in the removal of over 33,000 of Winnipeg’s iconic elms trees since 2016 – enough trees to fill 330 city blocks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect, preserve, and promote the urban forest and the environment. We pursue this by:

  • Delivering programs and events that promote awareness of the value and benefits of urban forests.
  • Providing education and opportunities for the public to contribute to the protection of urban trees.
  • Collaborating with organizations and community groups on projects that encourage public involvement in urban tree protection.