About Manitoba Heritage Tree Program

We have currently paused this program, though tree nominations will still be collected for future review.

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Do you know of a special Manitoba tree? It might qualify as a Manitoba Heritage Tree!

The Manitoba Heritage Tree Program is designed to provide official recognition for trees that are important in the Manitoba landscape because of their importance to a community, their exceptional size, rarity, or historical significance.

Trees Winnipeg has partnered with Manitoba Sustainable Development and the Manitoba Forestry Association to help you discover Heritage Trees across the province.

What Qualifies as a Manitoba Heritage Tree?

A tree in Manitoba that is:

  1. Historically or culturally significant – associated with an important historic event or has considerable cultural importance.
  2. A record tree – the largest, broadest, or oldest of its species in Manitoba, or an example of a species that is extremely rare in Manitoba.
  3. Notable – found in a unique location, has unique characteristics or features, or has attracted public or scientific recognition as an example of its species.

Apply today! Follow the instructions below to nominate your Heritage Tree online:

  1. Create a Tree Recorder Account and nominate your tree online on the Manitoba Tree Register. This will allow you to take your own measurements and photos of the nominated tree. See these helpful tips for creating your Tree Recorder Account and submitting your nomination.
  2. Print off a Heritage Tree Nomination Form and provide us with the tree’s story and location; mail (address at bottom of page) or email back to Trees Winnipeg, and we’ll collect the rest of the information for you.

If you wish to nominate a tree on someone else’s private property, please seek the landowner’s permission and contact information before submitting.

Trees that are on public property or Crown land do not require permission. If the tree is on your property, we may contact you for permission to visit your tree and take additional measurements or photos.

What happens after I submit my Heritage Tree nomination?

Trees Winnipeg will collect the necessary data and photos to complete the nomination. The Provincial Heritage Tree Review Committee will review your nominated tree and forward it to the Minister for consideration.

All nominated trees will become a part of our province’s collective history and will be celebrated on the online Manitoba Tree Register, even if they do not receive official Heritage Tree status! The program was launched in 2015 and is legislated under the Forest Health Protection Act.